, you can create URL’s containing your target keywords, boosting your rankings.

With , you can:

  • Rewrite URL’s from “user and Search Engine” friendly urls to the actual .aspx pages (also known as URL Masking, IIS Rewrite or ASP Rewrite)
  • Redirect from old URL patterns to the new ones, ensuring the Search Engine spiders continue to follow your links (also known as URL Replace)
  • Block certain visitors based on the User-Agent – very helpful for blocking crawlers that don’t obey the robots.txt protocol
  • Ban users based on IP range (provides the capabilities of )
  • And much more…

is a pure .NET component written in C#, and does not require any ISAPI rewrite dll’s to be installed in IIS. You configure rules in a very readable XML format, either in your web.config file or an external rewriter configuration file.

UrlRewriter.NET is in use in many websites large and small such as .